Shoe without lace BC150 – BROWN

375,00 DH


Elegant and comfortable laceless shoes for men, Black leather upper and lining, Sewn with a very strong thread. Very comfortable and durable rubber sole.

Shoe without lace BC150 - BROWN 575,00 DH 375,00 DH
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Medical comfort.

A shoe that meets all the comfort standards recommended by medical experts. The sole is made of a soft material that absorbs shock and protects the feet from the effects of external conditions, the inner layer made of a soft material takes the shape of your feet for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Shoe without lace bc150 - brown 2
Shoe without lace bc150 - brown 3

High-quality manufacturing.

This shoe is handcrafted by experienced artisans using high quality leather and strong thread. The rubber sole was developed in scientific laboratories to last longer.

Elegance for every day.

Beautiful shoe with a nice design, but at the same time simple, for an elegance that suits all kinds of occasions and conditions while ensuring to get compliments.

Shoe without lace bc150 - brown 4

It's just you and us.

Shoe without lace bc150 - brown 5


Luxury shoes, are made to order in small batches and shipped directly to you. There are never any unsold items, no middlemen or high markups to cover costs.

The result? You win High-quality shoes at a fraction of the traditional retail price.

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